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Training with a Personal Touch


Hello!     Bonjour!    Buenos dias!    Guten tag!    Konnichinwol!

At Reed Institute of Communication (RIC) we believe that in order to create win-win business ventures with other nations it is imperative to integrate languages and cultures rather than eliminate them.

A University of Guelph study proves that people who have a second language earn three percent more than people who speak only English.

In 1992, RIC began as an organization offering training in English as a second language. In 1993 we began offering foreign language training. Today we are a resource for corporate human resource departments and work visa executives.

RIC now offers language translation/interpretation services; packages on foreign customs/business practices; in-house cultural centers and global seminars. Our goal at Reed Institute is to become a one-stop shopping center for your business. We work hard to remain on the cutting edge of globalization to help you increase "the size of your pie!"

Our instructors are qualified native speakers, so the benefit to our clients is learning about the countries they are dealing with. We screen our associate instructors carefully for their enthusiasm, flexibility, and customer service attitude.

Clients such as Labatt Breweries of Canada, Diamond Aircraft, and The National Research Council of Canada have benefited from RIC's experienced instructors.

All participants enjoy a "client" centered teaching style that is empowering and respectful. In addition to language training, our clients appreciate the business and cultural components within their personally designed courses. It is great to speak
the language but even greater to understand and
use some of the customs.

Our Commitment to You

Custom Designed Training
Training programs are custom designed to meet your learning and business goals. You will find your training practical, relevant, and suited to your learning style. You set the pace.
Measurable Results
A free initial assessment is completed to determine your language and business goals. Upon completion an evaluation is done to determine your progress. A Certificate of Completion is provided.
Meeting your language skill requirements is our first priority. You alone measure the success of your training program when you apply your new found language skills in the situation where you need them the most!
Convenience & Flexibility
You will enjoy the convenience of training in your home or office or our office. Training schedules are designed to meet fluctuating work demands and learning deadlines